Volunteer Work at a Preschool in Guatemala

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience working at the charming preschool in Guatemala! The children were adorable and full of energy. Barbie and I taught the children how to make cloud dough, using cornstarch and lotion, to create a tactile and sensory experience. It was so fun to see their happy faces light up as they experimented with the dough, exploring its texture and possibilities.

It was our last day in this incredible country, Guatemala, and we couldn’t help but feel a pang of sadness as we reflected on the unforgettable experiences we had here. We thoroughly enjoyed the delectable local cuisine, the breathtaking countryside, and the gracious and inspiring women we had the privilege of working alongside. The adorable children we met along the way brought endless joy to our hearts. We ardently hope to return to this beautiful land soon, to relive the magic and continue our journey of discovery.